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Why You Should Start Planning for The Next Holiday Season Soon

One hundred thirty-five billion dollars. That's how much revenue e-commerce sales brought in during the holidays last year in the United States, according to Statista.

Written by Ignacio Pascual

With the uncertainty surrounding brick and mortar retail due to COVID-19-related restrictions in mind, e-retailers would be wise to get a jump start preparing for the upcoming holiday season, and below we have some tips for e-retailers to get ahead on email marketing, advertising, perfecting their customer experience and maneuvering bottlenecks.

Email Campaigns: Start Early!

A carefully crafted email marketing campaign that leverages available customer data can be a very effective tool for e-retailers to increase sales.

Now is the time to start analyzing your customer data to help direct your campaigns, and in some cases, make them more personalized.

Understand your customer’s buying behavior and identify products or product verticals that most interest them. When it comes time to reach out to them ahead of the holiday season, these data insights will give you a leg up from competitors.

Another useful tool to boost conversion rates for email marketing campaigns are special offers or discounts.

Now is the time to analyze inventory, supply chains, and distribution networks to better understand where you might have some financial wiggle room to develop attractive offers such as promo codes or free shipping incentives.

E-retailers should also analyze their buyer data to identify loyal customers and develop special offers to show appreciation for their business during these trying times.

Just as children begin to obsess about their Christmas gifts months in advance, e-retailers too should obsess about crafting the best possible email marketing campaigns early on.

“Now is the time to analyze inventory, supply chains, and distribution networks to better understand where you might have some financial wiggle room to develop attractive offers such as promo codes or free shipping incentives.”

Offer Ads: A Christmas Miracle

Email marketing campaigns are crucial going into the holiday season. But what about new customers that aren’t on your mailing list yet? How can you get those potential clients on your site?

Here is where your secret Christmas weapon comes in: Offer ads. This ad type allows you to provide individualized discount codes to your most promising prospective buyers.

About half of people shop on their mobile phones these days, and more than a third use their smartphones to find deals and promo codes online. Offer ads are the tailor-made solution to get these customers engaged.

Getting potential customers to take that last leap and click the buy button can be challenging. Often, even a little discount can be enough to give them that little push to go through with the purchase.

Not just that, but when implemented right, this ad type can also be a great way to boost loyalty among your existing customers.

Perfect the Customer Experience

As the holiday season approaches and visits to your website begin to spike, you want your company’s infrastructure to be prepared and offer shoppers the best possible user experience. That’s why now is an excellent time tolook at how your e-commerce business fared last year and fix anything that didn’t work so well.

Ask yourself: “Is there still room to improve conversion rates and buying paths?” Now is the time to start optimizing those while you still have plenty of time to experiment.

Identify Current AND Potential Bottlenecks

Once you go into the holiday season, you want the user’s journey to be as smooth as possible. Sometimes it’s enough to make some small changes. But if you identify more significant problems in the process, right now, you will still have plenty of time to rebuild.

Even if your holiday season was a grand success, it’s essential not to rest on your laurels.

Now that you’ve perfected your email marketing campaign, have all your holiday promos and discounts in order, and your website’s user experience is stellar, the final step for savvy e-marketers is to go back to the basics: Create rich advertising copy that stands out along with enticing product messaging that drives results.

Once you’ve mastered all of this, nothing should stand in the way of a successful 2020 holiday season for your e-commerce business.